I enjoyed Benin so much that I whittled away time previously budgeted for Togo in Benin. Togo, thankfully, is very similar to Benin. Here I was able to continue to experience interesting voodoo traditions, catch a local football match, and get the lowdown on Togolese life from a telephone stand operator.

These photos and others are available for reproduction in exchange for donations to loans that will assist entrepreneurs in the country in which the photos were shot. Loans will be managed through www.Kiva.org. Contact for details.
Togo - Bohicon Togo - Bohicon: Large Truck Coming Through Togo - Bohicon Togo - Bush Taxi Trunk
Togo - William Tell Routine Togo - African Toothbrush Togo - Sokode Sunset Togo - Atakpame Abandoned Train Station
Togo - Kpalime Handmade Pinball Machine Togo - Hammers and Anvil Togo - Rusty French Jetty, Lome Togo - Lome Jetty Togo - Lome Beach Fishing Net
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The Power Of The Voodoo

3/17/08: Voodoo ceremonies in Ouidah, science and voodoo meet in Abomey, lots of dead animals, and a voodoo curse of my own