In the spring of 2008 I traveled through Cameroon, Benin, Togo, Ghana, and Sierra Leone, West Africa. I built the trip around Sierra Leone: I wanted to know what had happened to the country after it disappeared from Western media after their war. I knew that diamond mining still took place, and I wanted to see how that worked.
I then aded the remaining countries to the itinerary mainly due to the fact that they were at peace. I didn't have much in the way of a list of sites or a planned itinerary, and just improvised throughout the trip.
I sucessfully traversed the five countries, despite hang-ups from tribal chiefs, corrupt police, and gruelling roads. I met incredible people while experiencing West African music, voodoo, learned about the slave trade, smuggling and scams, and finally made it to the diamond mines in Sierra Leone.
You can view a detailed map of the journey , or view the photos and blog linked in the notepad below.
These photos and others are available for reproduction in exchange for donations to loans that will assist entrepreneurs in the country in which the photos were shot. Loans will be managed through Contact for details.
Cameroon - Down Beach Cameroon - Diving Cameroon - Spiral Cameroon - Handmade Toy
Cameroon - Maskmaker Benin - Tribal Scarring Benin - Necklace of Bones Benin - Dancing Chief
Benin - Voodoo Skulls Togo - William Tell Routine Togo - Hammer and Anvil Togo - French Jetty, Lome Ghana - Ussher Town Family Ghana - Cape Coast Castle Ghana - Magazine, Kumasi Ghana - Boy with a Gun Sierra Leone - Not a Diamond Sierra Leone - Diamond Mining in Tongo Sierra Leone - Glimmer of Hope Sierra Leone - Tongo Diamond Miner Sierra Leone - Tongo Diamond Mines Sierra Leone - Bo Sierra Leone - Tongo Diamond Mining Sierra Leone - Bo
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2/9/08 - 2/22/08: See photos and blog posts about Cameroon


2/22/08 - 3/8/08: See photos and blog posts about Benin


3/8/08 - 3/13/08: See photos and blog posts about Togo


3/13/08 - 3/24/08: See photos and blog posts about Ghana

Sierra Leone

3/24/08 - 4/4/08: See photos and blog posts about Sierra Leone