I was apprehensive traveling to Sierra Leone. The night before, I prepared myself for what I envisioned to be a ruthless and war-torn country. In my mind, this might be my last destination. It was also my childhood friend, Aaron's first destination in Africa.
I arrived in Lungi Airport in Freetown, Sierra Leone on March 24, 2008. Aaron met me in Freetown and we explored Freetown a bit before diving headfirst into African adventure, beginning with a bush taxi ride to a city we selected from the map, Mile 91. We didn't know the first thing about Mile 91, not even whether they would have a guesthouse.
Our goal? I wanted to learn about diamond mining in Sierra Leone. I wondered whether forced mining as depicted in Blood Diamond still occured, and I wondered what tools people used to extract the gems that are so valuable elsewhere in the world. Mile 91 was just the first step; we had to find our way to the diamond fields of Tongo.

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Sierra Leone - Bush Taxi Sierra Leone - Cassava Leaves Sierra Leone - Snack Sierra Leone - Haircut
Sierra Leone - Lungi Ferry Sierra Leone - Freetown Sierra Leone - Roasting Palm Seeds Sierra Leone - Gorgeous Hair
Sierra Leone - Smoked Fish Sierra Leone - Digging a Latrine Sierra Leone - Remnants of the War Sierra Leone - Bo Sierra Leone - Child Labor? Sierra Leone - War Damage Sierra Leone - From a Roadside Stall Sierra Leone - King of the Jungle Sierra Leone - Not a Diamond Sierra Leone - Diamond Mining in Tongo Sierra Leone - Glimmer of Hope Sierra Leone - Tongo Diamond Miner Sierra Leone - Tongo Diamond Mines Sierra Leone - Bo Sierra Leone - Tongo Diamond Mining Sierra Leone - Bo
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Danger, I've Been Told To Expect It

4/7/08: War and diamonds in Sierra Leone. Arriving in Freetown. Bush taxi to Mile 91.

Power Struggle

4/7/08: Life in a country with no power grid.

War, What Is It Good For?

4/8/08: The lasting effects of the Sierra Leone civil war.

Searching for Diamonds, They're Grabbing at Straws...

4/8/08: Renting motorcycles in Sierra Leone. Diamond Mining in Sierra Leone