Ghana boasts countless fascinating sights. Cape Coast and Elmina have well-preserved Dutch forts, one used as home bases for slave traders, storing human slaves for months before shipping them to the West Indies to work sugar plantations. Kumasi is home to the largest market in Africa. The enormous warren of tin-roofed shanties was fascinating enough to keep me returning for several days in a row. Long enough to make friends in the market. The Magazine is an area within the city of Kumasi where people tear apart cars and meld down scrap metal to fabricate and repair the next generation of Ghanian vehicles and tools.
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Ghana - Ussher Town Family Ghana - Cape Coast Castle Ghana - Accra Fishing Boats Ghana - Boy with a Gun
Ghana - Jamestown Harbor Accra Ghana - Sparks at The Magazine Ghana - University of Ghana Ghana - Jamestown Accra Boy
Ghana - Accra Jamestown Shanty Ghana - Handmade Kite Ghana - Sooty Black Tears Ghana - Cape Coast Cannons Ghana - Cape Coast Ghana - Scratched Record Ghana - Fishing Net Repair Ghana - Bag of Bats Ghana - Kejetia Market, Kumasi Ghana - Kejetia Market Shoes, Kumasi Ghana - Oware Ghana - Kumasi Magazine Lights & Bumpers Ghana - Kumasi Magazine Grinding Disc Ghana - Kumasi Magazine Grill Ghana - Koforidua Electrician Ghana - Star Beer
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3/23/08: Exploring Usser Town and Jamestown in Accra, Ghana. Becoming familiar with the market in Kumasi, Ghana. Catching a third world movie in Koforidua, Ghana.