Cameroon turned out to be a difficult country to travel in, at least for a while. My trip began with an unfortunate incident with the chief of a village near Limbe. That incident led to the acquisition of a travel partner who brought me frustration and humor in equal amounts. Crisscrossing the country, my new friends and I learned a lot about culture, wealth, dirt, commerce and life.
These photos and others are available for reproduction in exchange for donations to loans that will assist entrepreneurs in the country in which the photos were shot. Loans will be managed through Contact for details.
Cameroon - Down Beach Cameroon - Kumba Boy Cameroon - Kumba Truck Cameroon - Lake Barombi Mbo Swimmer
Cameroon - Lake Barombi Mbo Diver Cameroon - Lake Barombi Mbo Swimmer Cameroon - Jungle Cameroon - Smoking Man
Cameroon - Smoked Fish Cameroon - Recycled Bottle Toy Cameroon - Nkongsamba Boy Cameroon - Nkongsamba Boy Cameroon - Cans of Beans Cameroon - Rusty Bush Taxi Cameroon - Wood Mask Cameroon - Maskmaker Cameroon - Wood Statue Cameroon - Kumba House Cameroon - Football Cameroon - Prison's Mess Cameroon - Foumban Woman Cameroon - Clutch Repair Cameroon - Idenau Boat Boy Cameroon - Pepppers
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Where Are You Going?

2/9/08: The itinerary and the question as to why I am going there

The Grand Pecking Order

4/15/08: Struggles with a village chief, questions as to why I would want to photograph Africans

A Girl Gets Her Hair Cut In China...

2/23/08: China's influence in Cameroon.

It's Good To Be King?

2/23/08: Comprehending the different lives accorded to royalty, foreigners, and average people

If You’ll Be My Bodyguard, I Can Be Your Long Lost Pal

2/23/08: Overcoming the frustrations of a travel companion, finding a way to make it work. Suya and Gi-Gi Co-Co in Buya

Trade Up For a Thicker Skin

2/24/08: Gruelling travel from Kumba to Nkongsamba, learning to love the dirt and the pain

I Go Chop Your Dollar

2/24/08: Elvis, churches, 419 scams and trade with Nigeria

Disco Inferno

3/4/08: Strip clubs and discos, Cameroon-style