Same-Same but Different
SE Asia 2002
There were several resources that I used both before and during my trip that I found immensely helpful for one reason or another.

  • Tales of Asia Gordon Sharpless runs this site which outlines strategies about how to make all of the overland journeys that travelers consider in and out of Cambodia. To my knowledge, there is no more thorough or up-to-date resource available on this topic. Gordon also opened my eyes to the fascinating places to witness the poverty of Khmer life, such as The Building. Printed pages from this site were handier than my Lonely Planet guide for transportation issues. FYI: I created my site with the map in the left corner months before Gordon revised his site. I wasn't imitatin'!

  • The Angkor Guide This site is a translation of Maurice Glaize's definitive 1944 guide to the antient ruins. These were the photos that inspired me to get to Angkor. I printed out a few of these pages to use while I was exploring the temples.

  • Vietnam Pix A collection of significant photography from the Vietnam war. It provieds some important context for visiting Vietnam.

  • YST Computer Center This is the only worthwhile internet center in the city of Siem Reap. It ain't clean, but the place boasts a T1 connection and staff that know what they are doing. They saved my ass and I would recommend them to anyone. They burned my pictures to CD quickly for a low price. Give the address to your moto driver, it'll be easy for him to find.
         #149 Sivatha Road, Svaydangkum Commune, Siem Reap
         (855) 63 963 380 / (855) 12 868 468
         Tom Chamreon was the person that helped me the most.

  • Hotel 211 Located in the backpacker's area in Saigon, this hotel was clean, cheap, cool, quiet and served breakfast. Ask for an interior room: they have windows into the hall but not to the street, so you will not have to deal with the eternal racket outside.

  • Lonely Planet Thorn Tree The Thorn Tree is a bulletin board where you can post questions that other travelers will address. Do your reading first and avoid posting redundant questions, and you'll find this an invaluable resource.