World Music
If you know me, you know how I like music. I asked every person I met what they listen to,
and bought a few CDs over there. I've only had a chance to explore some of these names,
which is good because I get tired of musicians.
For your own musical exploration, you might want to check out these artists.
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Site     How I found them
C.S.I.SiteHeard in a train station
MalfunkSitePoster in Italy (cool name)
LitfibaSiteItalian kid on train
LigabueSiteItalian kid on train
883SiteItalian kid on train
99 PosseSiteItalian kid on train
Articolo 31SiteItalian kid on train
Alex BrittiSiteItalian kid on train
PoohSiteItalian kid on train
ElisaSiteStation in La Spezia
AlexiaSiteStation in La Spezia
Fabrizio DeAndreSiteHuge memorial in Genova Italy
St. GermainSiteMany people!!
Jean LeloupSiteMai, Vietnamese waitress in Nice
Paul Weller SiteSteve in Antibes
Doc GynecoSiteListening station in Barcelona
Noir DesirSiteFrench Rasta on train
Hubert Felix ThiefaineSiteFrench Rasta on train
Mano NegraSiteFrench Rasta on train
Manu ChaoSiteFrench Rasta on train & Cathy in Sevilla, Nerea in San Sebastian
TéléphoneSiteFrench Rasta on train
PercubabaSiteFrench Rasta on train
Tiken Jah FakolySiteFrench Rasta on train
The CorrsSiteIrish girls in Arles
Enrique MorenteSiteSpanish woman in sangira bar, Barcelona
Bernarda Y FernadaSiteSpanish woman in sangira bar, Barcelona
De VteraSiteSpanish woman in sangira bar, Barcelona
El CabreroSiteSpanish woman in sangira bar, Barcelona
Andres CalamaroSite???
AirSiteListening station, Barcelona
LhasaSiteCathy in Sevilla
ZebdaSiteCathy in Sevilla
IdirSiteCathy in Sevilla
TeteSiteCathy in Sevilla
Ismael LoSiteCathy in Sevilla
Cheb KhaledSiteNerea in San Sebastian
7 Notas 7 ColoresSiteNerea in San Sebastian
MadredeusSiteNerea in San Sebastian
Manolo GarciaSiteNerea in San Sebastian
Vicente AmigoSiteNerea in San Sebastian
Mc SolaarSiteNerea in San Sebastian
IAMSiteNerea in San Sebastian
Luar Na LubreSiteNerea in San Sebastian
La Oreja De Van GoghSiteNerea in San Sebastian, Sylvie in Granada
Frank-TSiteNerea in San Sebastian
Taxi LuneSiteSaw live in Paris
-M-SitePosters & listening station in Paris
Buck 65SiteJake in Paris
Henri SalvadorSiteArt Rock 2001 Poster
Cheb MamiSiteArt Rock 2001 Poster
Groupe FSiteArt Rock 2001 Poster
CarmenSiteArt Rock 2001 Poster
Sergent GarciaSiteArt Rock 2001 Poster
U. ShrinivasSiteGuy in Bayeux hostel
Ry Cooder/BhattSiteGuy in Bayeux hostel
Run RigSiteGuy in Bayeux hostel
Paul MartinSiteGuy in Bayeux hostel