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4/5/01 Quick Athens Update!

OK, so the 10 second Athens update! (I've only been here 2 days...)
  • Athens is dirty, noisy, chaotic, and is incredible if only because it is so radically different than anything I have ever seen.
  • Scooters, scooters everywhere.
  • Sidewalks, it's not just for walking anymore. Or driving, or parking, or puking...
  • Honk. If you go, honk. If you stop, honk. If you idle, honk. If you turn, honk. If you have no vehicle, honk anyway.
  • I can read Greek! (I don't know what I am saying, but I can sound it all out.)
  • Hostels are great because you meet people from all nationalities; moments where no one can leap the language barrier tend to be funny.
  • People of all nationalities like to make fun of Americans. They think the phrase "hot diggity dog" is a riot.
  • Greek women are unreal.
  • Greek schoolchildren are happy to teach you funny words and how to swear in Greek. Ayalada means 'crazy cow' and skatila means fart.
  • The Acropolis is incredible.
  • If you say "what?" when someone tells you a price, it will automatically go up 100 drachmas when they repeat it. Walk away or don't say "what".
  • I think I am the only person in Greece with a skateboard. It has been a great thing so far.
    That's all for now! Off to Paros tonight with an Italian I met named Allesandro!