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Teaching, Learning, Shoving, Loving
Teaching, Learning, Shoving, Loving
China, Burma, India, Bangladesh, Thailand 2005
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November 14 - December 23, 2005
November 14 - December 23, 2005
It was time to escape my reality for a little while, and to subject myself to a reality-check written by the third world. For my second trip to Asia, I taught English and taunted prostitutes in China; partnered with a 70 year-old Burmese lady in Myanmar; attended an arranged wedding in India; witnessed the struggle for life among shipbreakers in Bangladesh; and began an unsettling return home after visiting a friend in Thailand.
1) Oceans Apart
  Gloom was creeping in and it was time to escape

2) Chinese Democracy
  The Golden Jew influences Chinese minds

3) Think Pink
  Whiskey-induced prostitute-taunting

4) All Eyes on Me
  A one-man show in front of a live student audience

5) Throw Me Off the Chinese Wall
  Lies, fear, and loathing at the Great Wall of China

6) Burmese Daze
  From a wild septuagenarian to Yangon's dubious nightclub scene

7) Tomorrow Never Knows
  Third-world medicine and a hair-raising day full of bugs and dirt

8) Miss Po-tay-to Head
  Singing songs, a watering hole, and the old lady gets a little violent

9) She Drives Me Crazy
  Ethel's antics & discussion about Myanmar, on the road to Mandalay

10) Bella Casa
  Visiting Ethel's sister Bella in imporverished Mandalay

11) The Slow Boat to Nyaung U
  From feelng like a refugee to slices of riverside lives

12) Great Googly-Moogly!
  Bridging the cultural divide via profanity

13) We're on a Road to Nowhere
  Burmese bus torture and filthy Pyay

14) Take it Easy
  Returning, confident, to Yangon, and saying farewell to Ethel

15) A Dosa the Local Perversions
  Adventures in food and freaks in Bangalore, India

16) Different Names for the Same Place
  Another hellish bus ride, Indian style

17) Monsoon Wedding
  Surprises abound watching a friend's wedding in Chennai

17) The Stale Taste of Recycled Air
  Pushing and shoving to get to the same place

18) Death to the Salesmen
  A look at high-pressure sales tactics in the first and third worlds

19) All Things Must Pass
  A gritty introduction to the tense world of shipbreaking

20) A Very Close Shave
  Shaving within inches of my life

21) What'd Jiew Expect?
  Broken-hearted in Bangkok

22) And the Rain Fell Down On A Cold Grey Town
  Back to reality in a cold grey town

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