In the summer of 2006 I had the incredible opportunity to motorcycle across China and back with a few friends. One of my lifelong best friends, George, convinced the Jinan Qingqi Motorcycles to give him four motorcycles in exchange for photos of the four of us Americans riding around their country.
Our journey started in the northeastern city of Jinan, and looped as far west as Qinghai provice. We started out as four, but lost one rider to an injury, leaving the three of us in the depths of China, new to the language, without any idea of where we were, or how we would find our way home.
The experience was a life-changing journey, full of police checkpoints, communication challenges, gruelling terrain, and our embracing of China's lawless culture.
You can view a detailed map of the journey, or view the photos and blog below.
These photos and others are available for reproduction in exchange for donations to loans that will benefit entrepreneurs in the country in which the photos were shot. Loans will be managed through Contact for details.
China - Rural Road, Shandong China - Milk Advertisement China - Helmet Cam China - Watermelon Jam
China - Old Tea Kettle China - Future Train China - Living In Caves China - Wink
China - Day Laborers China - Monkeys, Emei Shan China - Heavy Bags China - Tibetan Laborer China - Tibetans on a Motorcycle China - Cowboy Silhouette China - Prayer Flag Bridge China - Yaks China - Oil Flare Stack China - The Empty City China - Butcher's Children China - Round the Bend China - Polluted River China - 5-legged Goat, Freak Show China - Oil Train, Tengger Desert China - Red Bike China - Ping Yao China - Beaded Necklaces China - Installing Windows China - Green Fan
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Here We Go!

7/27/06: The back-story on the trip

Fits and Starts

8/3/06: Hallucinations in the airport, waylaid in Tokyo, and facing language barriers in Beijing

First Wave, Intact

8/4/06: My 9th hour learning to ride a motorcycle: in China

The Final Countdown

8/5/06: Peeling the shrinkwrap off a new Qingqi motorcycle, grabbing a bayonet, and hitting the road.

If you've got a warrant, I guess you're gonna come in

8/12/06: Glimpses of China from a motorcycle, humidity and filth, alleyway fistfights, and wakeup calls from the cops

The Power Of The Voodoo

8/12/06: A two-cop day, altercations and accusations at the KTV, the watermelon jam, development in China versus America

Waiting on a Vision?

8/16/06: First photos from the journey

Chineasy Rider

8/17/06: Joining forces with a Chinese motorcycle gang

If you can hear a piano fall, you can hear me comin' down the hall

8/28/06: Emei Shan, Monkey Mountain; backfiring at high altitude, slaughter of a chicken and the loss of our Ping Chang privileges

I'm a Cowboy, On a Steel Horse I Ride

9/5/06: Kung Fu in a bamboo forest, arrival on the Tibetan Plateau, growing mustaches and turning into cowboys

Cold Rain and Snow

9/10/06: Losing a battle with my own motorcycle, camping ill in the frigid cold, smelling my own funk

So take me to the airport, and put me on a plane...

9/13/06: Man down: injury sends one traveler home early

Tumbleweed Connection

9/22/06: The most polluted city in the world, camping in the Tengger desert

Bringing It All Back Home

10/6/06: Seeing the cycle of harvest, closing the loop